MUS-TAR 1_0001 _ TARCA small size_ Andean Music of Incas


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Category:  MUSIC

Weigth:  30 gr

Product Dimensions:   16 cm  L //  2 cm W //  1.8 cm H

Special Feature: Hand Made
100% hand made / Peruvian Art
Hand-crafted item — color, size and/or motif may vary slightly

Dry cleanning recommended

The tarka (Quechua, Aymara: tharqa) is an indigenous flute of the Andes. Usually made of wood, it has 6 finger holes, fipple on mouth end and free hole on distant end.

The tarka is a blockflute, like a recorder, but is comparatively shorter and quite angular in shape, requires greater breath, and has a darker, more penetrating sound.

The tarka has three variants: big, medium (tuned by fifth above) and small (tuned by octave above). Usually all three kinds of tarka are used together in a big ensemble, all playing the same melody on three voices at fixed intervals and accompanied by percussion instruments (tinya, wankar). This traditional genre is called tarqueada.


Detailed accounts written by Spanish chroniclers of the sixteenth century emphasize the importance of music and dance in Inca celebrations and festivals. They describe musical instruments such as flutes and panpipes made of bone, reed, and fired clay, shell trumpets called pututos, ceramic whistles, ocarinas, trumpets, and drums, as well as rattles made with a variety of materials. These objects are sometimes portrayed as delicate instruments played with solemnity and virtuosity, sometimes as instruments generating meaningless sounds during pagan or diabolic rituals. The Incas and their predecessors used music to communicate with the ancestors, heal the sick, and bury the dead. Music followed them in war and pilgrimages, perhaps providing them with supernatural power.


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