About Us
We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality of Handmade Handicrafts from All Over Perú

We -Mothers, children and grandchildren- have been making daily countless UNIQUE and Exclusive pieces of art.

Millennial works of art that have transcended and will continue to transcend space and time; to fill us with Pride of the immense and great Peruvian territory, and at the same time feel part of great ancient Cultures and Human Settlements such as the Incas, the Chankas, the Chimu, the Nazca, the Paracas, the Caral, the Tiawanacu, the Chavin, the Mochica, the Vicus, the Lima and many more.

Dominga Quispe Quillahuaman de Vara, Grimalda Vara de Quispe- Mother and daughter- And we, heirs of the greatest wealth that they could grant… ”knowledge, creativity and wisdom” we begin this e-commerce project to offer our clients a fair price where we all manage to win, we the value of the effort we make when elaborating our crafts, and our clients a work with an art And we hope to be part of his legacy.

Our Purpose

Achieving a Dignified Life for our artisans is possible through work, training, specialization, the creation of Artistic Training Centers, and the offer of our artisan products at a Fair Price.

Since the 1970s, when Chinchero was registering the first visits by foreign tourists, when our local population began to organize and create what is currently the Federation of Artisans of Chinchero  

Our female leaders Dominga Quispe and Grimalda Vara began to revalue our artistic heritage, and also to sell our woven fabrics in the Colonial Square of Chinchero.

Our Team

We are a family of entrepreneurs who wish to offer our great variety of handmade crafts through our website, because we trust that: the quality of our products will allow the sustainable development of our great community of master craftsmen who maintain their identities in the anonymity..

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